Uterine vagina see vagina uterina

uterus n. [L. uterus, womb] An enlargement of the lower end of the oviduct, in which eggs are retained temporarily or in which the embryo develops. uterine a.

utricle n. [L. dim. uter, bag] A small bag or bladder.

utriculus n. [L. dim. uter, bag] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Lepidop-tera, the larger lobe of the spermatheca; may be fused into one organ. see lagena.

uvette n. [L. dim. uva, grape] (nemata: Adenophorea) The glandular region where the efferent tubes of the Demanian vessels meet before passing on to one or more exit pores in the body wall.

vacuole n. [L. vacuus, empty] A minute cavity within a cell, usually filled with a liquid product of protoplasmic activity. vacuolar a.

vagile a. [L. vagus, wandering] Freely wandering; motile. vagility n. see sessile.

vagina n. [L. vagina, sheath] The terminal portion of the female reproductive tract, that opens to the outside. vaginal a.

vaginate a. [L. vagina, sheath] Enclosed by a sheath.

vagina uterina (NEMATA) An inward extension of the vagina, uniting with the distal part of the uterus, that histologically resembles the vagina, but lacks cuticular lining.

vagina vera (NEMATA) The outermost part of the vagina, lined with cuticle.

vaginipennate a. [L. vagina, sheath; penna, wing] (ARTHRO: Insecta) To ensheath a wing; having wings covered with a hard sheath.

vaginula n. [L. dim. vagina, sheath] (ARTHRO: Insecta) The covering of the terebra.

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