Visceropallium see visceral hump or mass

viscid a. [L. viscidus, sticky] Having a thick or sticky consistency; adhesive.

viscosity n. [L. viscidus, sticky] The resistance of a fluid to flow due to adherence of particles of one to another. viscous a.

vital staining Staining of living cells and tissues by relatively non-toxic dyes; intravital staining. see intra vitam.

vitellaria larva (ECHINOD: Holothuroidea, Crinoidea, Ophiur-oidea) A nonfeeding, barrel-shaped larva possessing ciliated bands with no arms.

vitellarium n.; pl. -ia [L. vitellus, yolk; -arium, place for] 1. A yolk gland; a zone of growth. 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) That part of an ovariole that contains the developing eggs. 3. (PLATY) Glands which produce yolk material and possibly the eggshell.

vitelligenous a. [L. vitellus, yolk; gignere, to produce] Producing yolk; sometimes applied to certain cells in the ovaries.

vitelline a. [L. vitellus, yolk] Yellow like the yolk of an egg.

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