Zone of growth see vitellarium

zonite, zoonite n. [Gr. zoon, animal] A body segment or somatic divison of Kinorhyncha and Diplopoda, equivalent to arthromere or somite in Insecta.

zonociliate a. [L. zona, a belt; cilium, eyelash] Banded with cilia.

zooanthroponosis n. [Gr. zoon, animal; anthropos, man; nosos, disease] Any disease in man acquired from a lower animal, including invertebrates; zoonosis. see anthropo-zoonosis.

zoobiotic a. [Gr. zoon, animal; bios, life] Pertaining to an organism that lives as a parasite on an another animal.

zoocenose n. [Gr. zoon, animal; koinos, common] An animal community.

zoochlorellae [Gr. zoon, animal; dim. chloros, green] A symbiotic intracellular algae on Cnidaria that are usually endodermal, from which cnidarians derive nutritive benefit from the algal photosynthate.

zoochromes [Gr. zoon, animal; chromos, color] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Biochromes acquired in the food that are metab-olically handled and often modified.

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