Zooea see zoea

zooecial compartment (BRYO) The body cavity of a zooid.

zooecial lining (BRYO) The inner lining of a zooidal chamber.

zooecial wall (BRYO) The skeletal wall of a zooid.

zooeciules n.pl. [Gr. zoon, animal; dim. oikos, house] (BRYO) Small to minute zooids; function unknown.

zooecium n.; pl. zooecia [Gr. zoon, animal; oikos, house] (BRYO: Stenolaemata;Gymnolaemata) 1. The skeleton of a zooid, comprised of calcareous layers of zooidal walls and connected zooidal structures. 2. In Phylactolaemata, comprised of any nonliving secreted parts of the body.

zoogamy n. [Gr. zoon, animal; gamos, marriage] Sexual reproduction.

zoogenic a. [Gr. zoon, animal; genesis, origin] Pertaining to changes caused by animals or their activities; zoogenous.

zoogeography n. [Gr. zoon, animal; ge, earth; graphein, to write] 1. The science of geographical distribution of animals. 2. The environmental relationships that cause the distribution.

zooid n. [Gr. zoon, animal; eidos, like] 1. Any of the individual animals of a colonial or compound organism produced by asexual means. 2. (BRYO) A single member of a colony consisting of polypide and zooecium. zooidal a.

zoology n. [Gr. zoon, animal; logos, discourse] The study of animals.

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