Zoonite see zonite

zoonosis n.; pl. -ses [Gr. zoon, animal; nosos, disease] A disease in man acquired from one of the lower animals. zoonotic a.

zooparasite n. [Gr. zoon, animal; para, beside; sitos, food] 1. A parasite of animals. 2. Any parasitic animal.

zoophagous a. [Gr. zoon, animal; phagein, to eat] Feeding on animals.

zoophilous a. [Gr. zoon, animal; philos, loving] Animal loving.

zoophyte n. [Gr. zoon, animal; phyton, plant] 1. A bryozoan. 2. Any non-motile plant-like animal.

zooplankton n. [Gr. zoon, animal; plankton, wandering] Animal plankton.

zoosemiotics n.pl. [Gr. zoon, animal; semeion, signal] The analysis of animal communication.

zoosuccivorous n. [Gr. zoon, animal; L. succus, juice; vorare, to devour] Any animal that sucks blood or other body-fluids.

zootomy n. [Gr. zoon, animal; temnein, to cut] 1. The dissection of animals. 2. The anatomy of animals.

zootoxin n. [Gr. zoon, animal; toxikon, poison] A toxic substance produced by animals.

zooxanthellae n.pl. [Gr. zoon, animal; dim. xanthos, yellow] Symbiotic intracellular algae that are usually endodermal, from which cnidarians derive nutritive benefit from the algal photosynthate. see zoochlorellae.

z-organ (NEMATA: Adenophorea) In Xiphinema an undefined structure located between the oviduct and uterus.

zwitter n. [Ger. zwitter, halfbreed] (NEMATA) Nematode intersexes, sometimes mistakenly used as synonym of hermaphrodite. see gynadromorph.

zygocardiac ossicles (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Decapoda, triangular plates projecting into the cavity of the cardiac stomach from each side usually bearing denticles; part of the gastric mill.

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