Zygogamy see isogamy

zygogenetic, zygogenic a. [Gr. zygon, yoke; genesis, origin] Product of fertilization. see parthenogenic.

zygolobous a. [Gr. zygon, yoke; lobos, lobe] (ANN: Oli-gochaeta) A prostomium lacking demarcation from the first segment.

zygolophous a. [Gr. zygon, yoke; lophos, crest] (BRACHIO) A lophophore with brachium consisting of straight or crescen-tic side arm bearing 2 rows of paired filamentary appendages. zygolophus n.

zygomorphic a. [Gr. zygon, yoke; morphos, shape] Bilaterally symmetrical.

zygonema n. [Gr. zygon, yoke; nema, thread] The chromosome synapses of the 2nd stage of prophase I of meiosis; sometimes used as a synonym of zygotene.

zygoneure n. [Gr. zygon, yoke; neurone, nerve] A nerve cell connecting other neurons.

zygoneury n. [Gr. zygon, yoke; neuron, nerve] (MOLL: Gastropoda) A connection between the main mantle nerve and the intestinal ganglial nerves and pallial nerves from the pleural ganglia, usually on the left side, but may be on the right. see dialyneury.

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